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Since 1997 we have provided free of charge our services and information here at to any and all who come to learn about family violence and child abuse, the steps each of us can take toward reducing and preventing abuse in our homes. We are NOT subsidised by state or government agency, or tax dollars. receives its funding from people just like you. The solution to family violence and child abuse is through understanding, education and taking action. Apathy is an abused man or woman's worst enemy, bystanders who watch are just as much part of a child's abuse as the abuser is. So take a stand against abuse, take action to prevent Americas best kept secret and our worst nightmare. We need your help to continue the fight against abuse, please take a stand with us. Help stop the abuse, your support will help keep us live on-line, manage the costs of computer servers, programing, and hundreds, upon hundreds of hours scouring the latest research in child abuse and family violence, bringing knowledge to all. Our goal is to empower you to help a child in need, even saving one life will make a difference in this world. Step forward, take action, and help stop abuse.

To help defray the server and administrative expense associated with providing on-line we accept any help you can manage via PayPal. Every little bit helps. Choose your gift that fits your comfort level. Gifts of $10 or more will be recognized with an entry on our "Friends of" page. For gifts of $100 or more, we place a "hot active" link to your business or personal site (pending pre-approval). From the Heart, We Thank You! Updates

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