Family Violence

Health Promotion Disease Prevention

Instructor: Gregory M. Chase, MS Emergency Medicine, MSHED, PA-C, RN

Domestic Violence Course Outline, Community Health Introductory Program: Principles of Instructional Design

Author: Gregory M. Chase, MS, MSHED, PA-C, RN.
Dr. David Sellen, PhD precepting

Course Outline

This course is about the dark side of families. It addresses the violence that erupts in family and family-like settings.
We will begin by covering the meaning of the term violence and its presence in family life. What does the term mean and how is violence manifested in family settings?
Is it different from other settings? Such questions will occupy our attention. We will them move to a discussion of the prevalence and incidence of intimate violence; the occurance of intimate violence. How can we know accurately the seriousness and frequencey of family violence?
Who is at risk of being either the victem or perpertrator of such destructive behavior?
These are questions that we will explore as we move through the course format.

Group Discussion Sections To assist each student in understanding violence etween adult intimate partners, child abuse, and elder abuse topics students will engage in group discussion, four discussion sections have been scheduled. You must attend one of the four discussion sections offered.
Utility of Discussion sections:
Discussion sections will be used to clarify each area discussed located in the columns on the left of this page under the heading:

"Family Violence Learning Module- Expected Tasks"

Week 1: Women & Child's Safety Planning

Week 2: Teens and Dating Violence, Date Rape

Week 3: How can I help my familly or friend

Week 4: Am I Abusive? A self assessment checklist

Week 5: Dynamics of Partner Violence

Week 6: Recognizing Child Abuse

Week 7: Special Populations and Abuse

Week 8: Evaluation, see the Rubric for a complete understanding of the grading process

Writting Task:

Under the heading "Family Violence Learning Module," there are eight sections or modules to include the conclusion. Each link introduces a new module, and a section entitled "Questions For Review." These questions are prompts for the paper due the following week.
The student must write and submit via the contact page a minimum five (5) page APA style paper (page count does not include the APA style cover sheet) discussing the topic of the week.

Paper Due at the start of each week The paper is due at the begining of class period the following week. Your paper will be accpeted through the first 5 minutes of class, not beyond the 5th minute so arrive on time.

Writing Task EXCEPTION:
Week 4, "Am I Abusive? The self assessment evaluation is for your own self awareness. The discussion class will introduce and discuss profiles of an abuser, the assessment itself is not meant to be turned in.

NOTE: If you feel that you are in need of help, please contact your healthcare professional, call 9-1-1, or call the national hotline for domestic abuse where help is available to callers 24 hours a day at: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224

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